Welcome to the home of egg-sharing

Egg-sharing is a unique free IVF treatment pioneered by The London Women's Clinic (LWC). Egg-sharing brings together women who produce surplus eggs with those unable to produce them, so that both parties have a chance at becoming pregnant. Egg-sharing's unique system also allows many women to receive free IVF treatment.

Egg-sharing pioneers

Egg-sharing was pioneered by The LWC nearly 20 years ago - and whilst today several thousand women have participated in egg-sharing across the world, it is still The LWC, parent organisation of, that is widely regarded as the home of egg-sharing.

Service at LWC

Those eligible to become egg sharers with LWC's egg-sharing service can expect:

  • To receive subsidised or free IVF treatment
  • UK based treatment and aftercare
  • Comprehensive support and care from IVF professionals
  • Peer support from women in similar situations

Quality care

We work hard to ensure that all women participating in egg-sharing, both egg sharers and egg recipients, receive the highest quality of care and advice from initial consultation throughout their free IVF treatment and finally pregnancy, so that you can focus on becoming pregnant and starting your new family.


Free Ova magazine and Egg-sharing booklet

Click here to request your free copy of 'A decade of egg-sharing' for information on egg-sharing for sharers and recipients or our clinic magazine 'Ova'.

Our clinics

The LWC clinics operate one of the most successful IVF programmes in the world.

Free IVF treatment for egg donors

If you are 35 or under and able to produce healthy eggs but need IVF treatment, with our egg-sharing service, you could donate some eggs to a potential mother in need of them. In return, the clinic will provide basic free IVF treatment to you. You'll also have the satisfaction of helping another woman become a mum.

Egg-sharing eligibility

Women who may be eligible to receive free IVF include:

  • Women with fertility problems
  • Fertile but sterilised women
  • Women who are fertile but have an infertile male partner
  • Lesbians and single women

Quality care

At the heart of egg-sharing is the desire of women to help other women become pregnant whilst becoming pregnant themselves, this is therefore a crucial criterion for anyone wishing to participate in egg-sharing with The LWC and what makes egg-sharing such a unique proposition. Hundreds of women have received free IVF treatment with The LWC; you could be one of them.

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The London Women's Clinic holds regular seminars for women considering egg-sharing.

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