Costs for egg recipients

Costs for egg recipients

IVF for egg recipients



HFEA fee



Initial consultation



Other procedures (if applicable or required)

ICSI surcharge


Donor sperm (per treatment)



Assisted hatching



Blastocyst transfer



Frozen embryo storage, transfer

Embryo cryopreservation
(includes one year of storage)



Annual frozen embryo storage charge
(beyond the first year)



Frozen embryo replacement cycle (FER) using own embryos with scans



Current as of 1st November 2012. Further details for treatments not listed above available on request. Costs may change without prior notice.

Blood test fees are also payable. However, they can be done at your GP if you prefer.

Costs above are for our London clinic only. Prices do differ between clinics. Please contact your closest clinic for more details.

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Treatment includes all review consultations, scanning, counselling, surgery, embryo culture and replacement.