Specialist fertility counselling

Counselling - a legal requirement

At The LWC, we believe that counselling should be a positive and helpful experience. Around 1200 patients every year meet our specially trained infertility counsellors, who offer guidance and support through what for many is an emotional period.

Exploring the issues

You may choose to explore your feelings about certain issues in more depth, such as the impact on your family and how you might cope if unsuccessful.

Donors and recipients alike often feel reassured by counselling, and sometimes feel that their relationships are strengthened by the journey they take to achieve the family that they want so much.

Confidential and impartial

For some, meeting a counsellor for the first time may seem daunting. For others it may seem unnecessary. However, most people find they benefit from the sessions and, as a result, have a clearer understanding of what lies ahead.

Counselling is impartial and confidential. During the first session, which is offered free to everyone who is considering egg-sharing, you'll have an opportunity to discuss what's involved and to consider the short and long-term implications of being an egg sharer or recipient. Your counsellor will explain the law as it relates to anonymity and legal parenthood.