Egg recipient eligibility

A shortage of donor eggs in the UK has traditionally meant that recipients have to wait a long time for treatment. Egg-sharing is addressing this imbalance, giving hope to egg recipients.

Women who become egg recipients include those:

  • Whose ovaries do not function normally or have been removed
  • Whose quality of eggs is poor
  • Who have been through the menopause and no longer have eggs, or are no longer producing enough ‘good’ eggs
  • Have experienced early menopause
  • Who have had cancer treatment which has left them infertile
  • With unexplained infertility
  • Who have had unsuccessful attempts to conceive using IVF or fertility drugs
  • Who have had several miscarriages
  • With hormonal problems which prevent conception with your own eggs
  • With a serious inherited disorder, making conception with their own eggs unadvisable
  • With genetic conditions they do not want to risk passing on to children

Women are generally eligible as egg recipients at The LWC if they are:

  • Under 50 years old (over-50s subject to review by The LWC Clinical Governance)
  • Medically suitable subject to screening tests and a consultation
  • Willing to have counselling
  • Financially able to afford treatment

Acceptance as an egg recipient is subject to an initial medical consultation.

The LWC Darlington currently has the shortest waiting list for donor eggs in the UK with no waiting time for egg recipients.