Egg sharer eligibility

Women who consider becoming egg sharers include:

  • Women with fertility problems such as blocked fallopian tubes or polycystic ovaries
  • Women who are fertile but who have been sterilised
  • Fertile women with an infertile male partner
  • Lesbians and single women

Based on the HFEA guidance, The LWC guidelines require that an egg sharer must have:

  • Completed her treatment cycle by age 36
  • No transmissible diseases or inheritable disorders
  • Must have hormone tests (FSH/AMH) to assess ovarian status
  • Been a non-smoker for at least three months
  • A Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 28
  • No history of ovarian disease, including endometriosis
  • No more than two previous unsuccessful IVF attempts or ovarian hyperstimulation

Acceptance as an egg sharer is subject to an initial medical consultation.

If you're interested in becoming an egg sharer, you'll need to consider if you have any personal ethical problems sharing eggs with an anonymous recipient.

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