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17th January 2011

LWC gains National Quality Accreditation

The London Women’s Clinic (LWC) and London Sperm Bank (LSB) are proud to announce they have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation through British Standards Institution (BSI), a world authority of management systems.

This significant stamp of approval shows that the systems and processes in place, are dedicated to improving the patient experience. This means that patients will benefit from a high standard of quality and care throughout all of the LWC and LSB clinics.

The accreditation took months of hard work and dedication by the teams in London, Cardiff, Swansea and Darlington to ensure best practice was met and that all processes are geared towards improving both customer experience and organisational effectiveness. The LWC and LSB will continue to work on maintaining this accreditation through continuous review and optimisation of processes and systems.

The ISO 9001:2008 awarded by BSI is a significant achievement, with few other clinics holding this accreditation.

ISO 9001:2008

11th November 2010

London Evening Standard

Meet the gayby doc

29th August 2010

The Sunday Times, Letters and email

Egg-sharing better than paying donors

There is a chronic shortage of donor eggs in Britain. Click here to download PDF.

Spring 2009


Outstanding results mark 10 ‘official’ years of egg-sharing. Click here to download PDF.

Summer 2008


After ten years of struggle, egg-sharing is now accepted as an ethical procedure. Click here to download PDF.

2nd July 2008

The London Evening Standard

Heroes of Harley Street!

Dr Kamal Ahuja, Scientific and Managing Director of London Womens Clinic, has been named as one of the ‘Heroes of Harley Street’ by the Evening Standard for his constant hard work and campaigning for ‘egg-sharing’, which he pioneered with Mr Eric Simons in the early 1990s, to become the only form of egg donation in the UK.

Egg-sharing benefits both women who need donor eggs and who can afford to pay for their treatment, as well as healthy women who can donate half of their eggs in return for subsidised treatment. Dr Ahuja and his team in London, Cardiff, Swansea and Darlington have been advocates of this treatment option which brings a shortage and a surplus together, (instead of putting healthy women through such an intrusive treatment as IVF unnecessarily), for years and have performed over 2000 cycles of egg-sharing.


20th July 1999

The Times

A better chance of having a baby

Egg-sharing means women undergoing IVF are three times more likely to conceive, reports Anjana Ahuja. Click here to download PDF.

3rd June 1999

The Northern Echo

Happiness is… a shared egg

David Little gets passionate about the subject of egg-sharing - and looking at the smiling faces of the triplets he fathered it's perfectly understandable. Click here to download PDF.