Egg Sharing Process

Taking your first steps along your egg-sharing journey can often be the hardest - making that initial call or filling in an enquiry form before you’re familiar with the ins and outs of the egg-sharing process. But remember, you are not alone. Hundreds of women participate in egg-sharing and IVF treatment each year so whether you have recently become concerned about your fertility or have had treatment elsewhere and want another opinion, one of our friendly team will guide you through all the options available.

Starting your egg-sharing journey

The journey is different for egg sharers and egg recipients. However, every journey begins with an initial consultation that is designed to put you at ease with regards to any concerns you may have and to work through any potential risks.

In this guide we aim to clarify the process of egg-sharing step-by-step for both parties. This will hopefully provide you with a grounding from which you can make decisions as to how you would like to proceed with egg-sharing and what to expect from The LWC when you do.

At the heart of egg-sharing is a desire to not only enjoy free IVF treatment but to also help another woman realise her dreams of becoming pregnant. Both of you will be nervous and seeking guidance as to how egg-sharing works and what you can expect.

Select either the egg sharers or egg recipient categories in this guide to learn more about the journey that lies before you should you decide to join the thousands of women enjoying the benefits of egg sharing and free IVF treatment.

Alternatively you can call one of our friendly team on 020 7563 4309 to discuss either the egg-sharing process or free IVF treatment.