Egg-sharing success rates

With over 20 years' experience, The LWC is among the leading centres for infertility treatment; our success rates compare with the best both nationally and internationally. The LWC has one of the highest egg-sharing success rates in the UK, in 2009 there was a 69% live birth rate for sharers and 51% for recipients.

122 consecutive cases Jan – Dec '09:



IVF / ICSI Completed Treatments



Success rate per treatment



498 consecutive cases Jan '04 – Dec '09:



IVF / ICSI Completed Treatments



Successful pregnancies



Success rate per treatment



Concurrent pregnancies



Multiple pregnancies

36 twins

21 twins

Egg-sharing success rates explained

From the egg-sharing success rates table above the following has been revealed:

  • Egg-sharing did not diminish success rates for either party. This is significant considering that egg-sharing recipients were on average ten years older than egg-sharing.
  • 53% of pregnancies (118 out of 222) occurred simultaneously in egg sharers and recipients.
  • The total of 222 successful pregnancies (sharers: 122, recipients: 100) nearly equalled the number of egg collections (246).
  • When results from frozen embryos are added, the number of pregnancies is likely to exceed egg collections.
  • High multiple pregnancy rates indicate suitability of both parties for elective single blastocyst transfer (eSET) to reduce twin pregnancies.
  • Please note: In most cases in our egg-sharing programme, a sharer is matched with one recipient. The HFEA permits a maximum transfer of two embryos per treatment cycle.

The costs for egg sharers

As an egg sharer there are a number of costs that you will need to be aware of; these include your initial consultation, all screening blood tests as well as an HFEA fee. There are also charges associated with frozen embryo storage and transfer. As an egg sharer you may be eligible for free IVF treatment which will extend to cover any associated medication required during your IVF treatment.

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The costs of egg-sharing for egg recipients

As an egg recipient there are different costs to consider than those of egg-sharing. As well as paying for the initial consultation, blood tests and HFEA fee, you will be required to pay for the receipt of your eggs and sperm as well as associated costs.

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In both cases there may be additional fees dependant on your personal procedure requirements.