Egg-Sharing - Who can take part?

Not all women are eligible for our free IVF treatment or to enter into the egg-sharing programme. There are numerous criteria that all women must satisfy before their consultant will approve them to share their eggs or to become an egg-sharing recipient.

Egg Sharers

In the UK certain minimum eligibility criteria have been established and must be met by any woman looking to participate in egg-sharing. Not everyone is eligible to share their eggs, but those that are may consider egg-sharing if they are happy to donate some of their surplus eggs to another woman. Before applying it's worth checking you fulfil additional criteria established by the UK's regulatory body, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

Basic egg-sharing criteria that you will need to meet:

  • 35 years old or younger at the time of your initial consultation
  • Non smoker
  • FSH hormone levels of less than 8iu
  • Free from genetic or transmissible diseases and severe endometriosis
  • Body mass index (BMI) of 28 or less
  • No more than two previous unsuccessful IVF attempts

At The London Women’s Clinic, egg-sharing is open to heterosexual as well as lesbian women, whether you’re in a relationship or single. In all cases, acceptance is dependent on an initial medical consultation and blood tests. Following this comprehensive screening you will be notified of your eligibility to become an egg sharer.

Women who produce eggs but have had no success with intrauterine insemination (IUI) - whether heterosexual or lesbian - may like to consider becoming egg sharers as a way forward through IVF.

If you're interested in becoming an egg sharer, click here for full criteria.

Egg-Sharing recipients

Some women find it difficult or impossible to produce their own eggs. Sometimes the cause is gynaecological; sometimes it may simply be a matter of age. But by taking part in an egg-sharing programme, a woman may be able to receive the eggs she needs from another woman and thus have a baby.

Those women that have been the recipients of egg-sharing in the past have included those, whose ovaries no longer function normally or have been removed all together as well as those whose egg quality is poor. We have also treated women who have experienced menopause, miscarriages and cancer treatments that have left them infertile.

Basic criteria to become an egg-sharing recipient include:

  • Must be under 50 years old
  • Satisfy all screening tests
  • Be willing to undertake counselling
  • Financially able to afford the IVF treatment

Click here to learn more about becoming an egg-sharing recipient.